Let’s Make IT Simple

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Awareness is the path and execution is the key of inventions, results and the impact that one can attain in a lifetime.

Let’s Make IT Simple” is one of my most ambitious projects till date. I have always loved technology, experimentation, learning, innovation, efficiency, creativity along with connectivity, and have admired their endless possibilities together.

The IT dimension is vast, constantly upgrading, and is moving ahead with an incredible pace. I came across ‘n’ number of instances where my thoughts began to move and shape in this direction of creating something that would benefit everyone.

This book is a worthy answer to all those queries, dilemmas, choices, decisions, challenges, actions and outcomes that we’ve come across at some point or the other. It is a humble effort to simplify complexities within timeframes in an effective manner.

This volume is a library of 2500+ useful resources that can be utilised for the greater good of people globally. I’ve tried my best to explore and research on each of these resources individually, to select the most supreme, secure, advanced and open ones from the rest. When I had started working on this book, my idea was to cover the Free Software Movement and the Open Source Initiative, which later matured towards covering this magnanimous concept of “Let’s Make IT Simple”.

I hope we possess this power together, and use it for the greater good of mankind ahead.